WTB Trail Boss 2.25/2.4 TCS Tubeless Mountain Tire
WTB Trail Boss 2.25/2.4 TCS Tubeless Mountain Tire

Trail Boss 2.25

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WTB It’s all in the name. Trail Boss is at home on… well… trails! A true all-around-er, the Trail Boss will instantly feel at home on your local singletrack. This is the tread of choice for many in the WTB office. Want to go out and own it? Be a Trail Boss.


  • Tightly spaced, blocky tread minimizes rolling resistance until braking allows the knobs to truly dig in. 
  • Supportive side knobs deliver traction when trying to keep the bike upright on off-camber surfaces.
  • Commonly used as a rear tire with a WTB Vigilante on the front.

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USAGE:  Cross-Country / Trail / Enduro
CONDITIONS:  Loose Over Hard / Dirt / Loose / Rocky

Size Level ETRTO GMS Tubeless Compatibility Casing Weight Compound Min-Max Pressure* Part Number
26 x 2.25" Comp Tube-Type 54-559 54/57 Inner tube required Single-ply 60 tpi 856g DNA 30-45 psi
27.5 x 2.25"
Comp Tube-Type 54-584 54/57 Inner tube required Single-ply 60 tpi 891g DNA 30-45 psi
29 x 2.25" Comp Tube-Type 54-622 54/57 Inner tube required Single-ply 60 tpi 914g DNA 30-45 psi

*WTB's tire pressure recommendations have changed over time due to further developments in technology. Riders may always reference the markings on their tires for allowed pressures ranges, but may also consult for the most up-to-date tire pressure recommendations from WTB. We calculate pressure recommendations based on an average rider weight of 160-180 lbs and suggest increasing our minimum recommended pressure on by 2-3psi for every additional 10 lbs of rider weight. Never exceed the maximum tire pressure marked on a tire.

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