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Inner tubes

Inner tubes

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Inner tubes of all sizes to fit every bike in your quiver. Durable enough to keep you rolling, yet light enough to not feel overly cumbersome in your jersey pocket. All inner tubes feature a Presta valve.
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Valve Type Size Width  Valve Length Weight
Presta 26 1.5/2.2 33mm  TBD
Presta  27.5 1.9/2.3 33mm TBD
Presta 700 20/28 33mm TBD
Presta 29 1.9/2.3 33mm 231g
Presta 26 2.3/2.5 33mm TBD
Presta  27.5+ 2.8/3.0 33mm 240g
Presta  700 28/38 48mm 151g
Presta  700 18/25 48mm 98g
Presta  700 28/38 33mm 142g
Presta  700 38/45 33mm TBD
Presta  700 38/48 48mm 165g
Presta  27.5 2.4/2.6 33mm 299g
Presta  27.5 2.4/2.6 48mm 300g
Presta  29 2.4/2.6 33mm 318g
Presta  29 2.4/2.6 48mm 323g
Presta  29 1.9/2.3 48mm TBD
Presta  27.5/650 1.9/2.3 48mm 227g
Presta  27.5+ 2.8/3.0 48mm TBD
Presta  27.5/650 1.75/2.1
48mm 199g
33mm or 48mm Valves
Presta Valves
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