Ride like the Pros

Who ever said to "be careful about what you wish for, lest it come true" didn't ride bikes. They didn't ride bikes in the wet, and in the muck and mire. And they certainly didn't ride bikes in the year-round wet, muck and mire of the greater UK. 

They may, however, have liked unicorns, and that's ok too. No judgement. The Vigilante tire, however, is no unicorn. It's the real deal. Ride it in the wet, hook up and corner in the mud, and marvel at yourself for keeping it upright. Go ahead. 
It's why we are shamelessly proclaiming our mad pride for being named the official tire sponsor for EWS Tweedlove with a stage named after the Vigilante tire that made it all possible!  We also have mad pride for being the official saddle sponsor for this sick race too.

Not saying WTB makes all wishes come true, just the ones for ripping fast riders. Speaking of which, don't forget to check back in and see how WTB ripping fast young guns--Marco Osborne and Ben Cruz are fairing as they take on the top talent on the EWS global stage.