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The Wavelength features multi-directional fins that improve handlebar control while also maximizing comfort on rough terrain. The underside of the grip features a waffle pattern for increased grip where the fingers naturally wrap around the bar. The tapered 30/32mm grip diameter cushions the ulnar nerve and increases both comfort and control in technical terrain. All models in our new grip line feature a tapered internal sleeve to create a snug fit that eliminates twisting at the end of the grip.

Conditions: Anything you throw at 'em
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Soft Anti- Slip Rubber

You know that moment when your hand slips off your grip and you're about to go chest to bars? Well, we thought about that Oh #$&* moment and went with an Anti-Slip rubber to help stop that from happening.* 

*Bike handling skills not included

30mm inboard and 32mm diameter outboard

A medium sized grip with a "fins" style texture to provide directional cushioning for the forces acting on each part of the grip. Extra thick rubber on the outboard end of the grip was added for directional softness, (that's why is bigger on one end than the other) and on the lateral palm making it more resistant to wear and tear! 

Are you too good for your home?

We thought about how each finger, gloved or gloveless needs a home on this grip. We made a spot for each finger to finds its way home on the Wavelength grip giving you, the rider, more control. 

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