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Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S
Vulpine S

Vulpine S

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The Vulpine S is the fastest tire we make. Vulpine S is the latest race-focused addition to WTB’s line of beloved gravel tires.  Vulpine S is the gravel revamp of a proven semi-slick mountain tread with years of swift efficiency under its belt. The slick centerline decreases rolling resistance while its round tire profile is packed with short, tightly-spaced knobs to provide predictable cornering traction on hardpack terrain.

Usage: Gravel
Conditions: Pavement • Hardpack • Dirt • Gravel
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SG Puncture Protection

WTB’s SG tires start at the material level, specifically formulated for superior sidewall protection and increased air retention in high-pressure tires.
Sidewall Protection: The extra layer defends most exposed areas of the tire and improves air retention for high-pressure tires.

Dual DNA

Dual DNA rubber compound combines harder, faster-rolling center sections with softer, grippier shoulders for optimal performance and weight. Additionally, each tire is equipped with robust SG puncture protection to ensure durability and reliability on any terrain.  

Zero Plastic Packaging

All new WTB tires are packaged using 100% recycled materials and zero plastic. Our engineers and marketing team are constantly working towards reducing the amount of packaging our products requiring, while still providing you with the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision. It's no small task, but minimizing the total amount of packaging has become an integral part of product development. 

This results in simplistic packaging using more recycled materials and less zip ties. In the next few years, we're working to ensure 100% of WTB packaging goes in the recycling bins. 

Tried and True

Gravel racers Whitney and Zack Allison put the Vulpine S to the test during the 8-day Transcordilleras bikepacking gravel race in Colombia, as well as the grueling 200-mile Unbound Gravel in Kansas, among other events. 


“The Vulpine S tires are the best of all worlds: generous volume and some side tread for chunky terrain with a smooth center tread to keep the speed,” Zack Allison said. 

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30 Day Return Policy
Decide a product wasn't for you? Return any unused product for up to 30 days with no questions asked.
Ride with confidence guarantee
Our CZR carbon rim replacement policy has you covered, regardless of what happens on the trail.
Warranty Policy
We guarantee our products for at least two years. CZR carbon rims receive an additional lifetime warranty.