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The Burr features a low-profile design that provides riders with the most direct connection to their handlebar. Whether you’re hanging on under full compression or yanking upwards to clear a root, the bi-directional texture provides the grip you need to keep everything under control. The thin, 30mm diameter makes the Burr an ideal grip for riders with small-to-average size hands. All models in our new grip line feature a tapered internal sleeve to create a snug fit that eliminates twisting at the end of the grip. 
Conditions: Flowy
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Soft Anti-Slip Rubber

You know that moment when your hand slips off your grip and you're about to go chest to bars? Well, we thought about that Oh #$&* moment and went with an Anti-Slip rubber to help stop that from happening.* 

*Bike handling skills not included

30mm in Diameter

The Burr is the smallest diameter grip we make. You like that thin, full contact/control of your grips/bars, then these are the grips for you. Less padding, more control. Smaller to average sized hands? These are the grips for you. 

Why the Burr name?

Well, look at the design, as we were sitting around drinking coffee, we looked at a Burr grinder for grinding up coffee beans. We were inspired by the grinder to create the bi-directional texture which provides everything you need for ultimate control and traction in any condition. 

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