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CZR i23

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Product Description
CZR i23 gravel wheels are designed to minimize weight while blending stiffness and compliance to maximize power transfer and increase comfort. CZR i23 rims feature a 24mm section depth to maximize energy transfer, reduce weight, improve vertical compliance, and reduce rider fatigue while a hooked bead also improves tire retention with high pressure adventure road and gravel tires.
Usage: Adventure Road • Gravel
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Countless Configurations
CZR i23 wheels are available in a 24-spoke option for riders looking to minimize weight and increase compliance, while the 28-spoke versions are best for heavier or more aggressive riders who prioritize stiffness and durability. All CZR i23 wheels are available with Centerlock or 6-bolt rotor mounts. CZR i23 front wheels use a 12x100mm Frequency hub, but 15mm end caps are also available separately on our Replacement Hub Parts page.
Why Choose CZR i23?
Fast and light CZR i23 gravel wheels were designed to minimize weight and maximize compliance on rough gravel roads. With front wheel weights starting at 620g and rears at 775g, they also deliver the greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any gravel wheelset on the market. We even stand behind them with our Ride With Confidence Guarantee for those few-and-far-between crash replacement cases. Read below for more info.
Bikerumor Editor's Choice Award
"After plenty of abuse and loaded riding, they’re the first carbon gravel wheelset that I’ve used in a while that hasn’t required truing and spoke tension adjustments. These wheels are certainly not the lightest, but what they lack in gram-shaving, they make up for in ride quality and durability with reliable Frequency hubs, and high-end Pillar Wing Spokes. When wrapped in one of my favorite gravel tires, the 45mm Riddler, the combination is nearly perfect."

Zach Overholt
Managing Editor, Bikerumor
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"Excellent rigidity"
- Riding Gravel
"Great performance"
- Cyclocross Magazine
"Impressively stiff"
30 Day Return Policy
Decide a product wasn't for you? Return any unused product for up to 30 days with no questions asked.
Ride with confidence guarantee
Our CZR carbon rim replacement policy has you covered, regardless of what happens on the trail.
Warranty Policy
We guarantee our products for at least two years. CZR carbon rims receive an additional lifetime warranty.