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Our flagship CZR carbon rims deliver minimal rotational weight and fine-tuned compliance to make you feel at one with the terrain. Reinforced spoke holes, TCS 2.0 technology, an asymmetrical design and two years of development make them the most dependable carbon rims on the market. CZR rims set themselves apart from the pack by providing unbeatable strength and ride quality at an attainable price.


  • Reinforced spoke beds, proven 4D angled spoke hole drilling and an asymmetrical design…all the necessary ingredients of an incredibly durable rim.

  • 30mm inner rim width.

  • When compared to the competition, lab tests proved our CZR carbon rims to be lighter overall, more impact resistant, and laterally stiffer while remaining vertically compliant. To be precise, our CZR i23 rims were 38% more impact resistant than their direct competition while our CZR i30 rims were 10% more impact resistant.


    • While-Riding Policy: Original owner receives a free rim replacement if their CZR rim breaks while riding. Regardless of line choice!

    • Non-Riding Policy: Original owner receives 50% off replacement rim MSRP if their CZR rim breaks while not riding. This includes during transport or storage.

    • Visit our warranty page for complete details.

        REVIEWS:  Mountain Bike Action - Beta MTB 

        USAGE:  Cross-Country / Trail / Enduro

        SPECIFICATIONS: (Max spoke tension range: 110-120KgF) 

        Wheel Size Inner Width *Weight Spoke Holes / Offset ERD Tubeless Tape Width Rim Size Designation Max Rider Weight Part Number
        29" 30mm 472g 28-hole / 5mm 589 35mm 30-622 300 lbs W020-0607
        29" 30mm 484g 32-hole / 5mm 589 35mm 30-622 300 lbs W020-0608

        *CZR rim weights do not include the Solid Strip installed on each rim.

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