TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit

TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit

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You know that feeling when you're just rippin' along and you hear the dreaded psssssssssssss sound from your tire? Well have no fear the TCS Tire Plug kit is here. It's easy to use and will get you back on two wheels in no time. More time for miles of smiles, rather than expletives on the side of the road or trail. Yea, we have all been there. The TCS Tire Plug Kit uses durable "Rocket" anchors (because they look like tiny rockets) that stay in your tire and hold the plug in place. You will not lose a plug. The anchor will hold it in place like a ship at dock. But wait... there's more... You can reuse the anchors when you're all done. It's like a treasure chest when you need to swap-out your tires. The Rocket Plug Kit also features an 'Extra Hand' tool under the smaller cap. If you haven't pre-loaded the Rocket, the Extra Hand will temporarily plug the hole and take the pressure off while you prepare your Rockets and plugs. We went through a lot of arguments at WTB to get this thing dialed and man, we are so stoked on how it turned out. We hope you like it as much as we do. 

Usage: Tubeless Tire Plug Kit
Conditions: Mountain, Gravel, Road
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Everything you need in one tiny kit. When you are out on an adventure and cell phone service is non-existent. You want to feel like you can get yourself home if something happens. OR you are the person that is like... yea.. someone else will have something to fix my flat. DON'T BE THAT PERSON. This is a one stop shop for tubeless riders who get flats. So, get it, throw it in your pack and be ready just in case. 


Our product and marketing team are constantly working towards reducing the amount of packaging our products requiring, while still providing you with the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision. It's no small task, but minimizing the total amount of packaging has become an integral part of product development. 

This results in simplistic packaging using more recycled materials and less zip ties. In the next few years, we're working to ensure 100% of WTB packaging goes in the recycling bins. 

(The marketing team is fired for not getting a packaging shot)

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