HTZ i40 Rim

HTZ i40 Rim

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E-bikes add to the riding experience by providing more for less. More distance, more laps, more climbs and more descents. With all those “mores” also comes more weight continually bashing on the components of an e-bike. In order to combat the additional wear and tear of e-bikes, we designed our HTZ rims to be burlier in every imaginable way. The thickest rim walls we offer, a proven I-Beam center support, asymmetrical spoke hole drilling and dependable 6069 aluminum alloy deliver a bombproof rim that doesn't break the bank. HTZ i40 rims are optimized for e-MTBs with 2.8-3.0" tires.
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20% Thicker Everywhere
HTZ rims boast an increased wall thickness of 20% over our KOM Tough enduro rims in order to ensure they’re capable of withstanding the additional forces of a modern e-bike. Simply put, more material results in a more durable rim.
I-Beam Support
Vertical support within the inner rim cavity that drastically increases the strength and rigidity of our toughest rims. The additional reinforcement counteracts spoke loads and provides lateral rigidity, which is increasingly important for e-bike rims.The I-Beam on the HTZ is thicker than any other WTB rim.
Proudly Overbuilt
HTZ e-bike rims are proudly overbuilt to provide an incredibly durable alloy rim at an affordable price. They're available in five different inner widths range from 23mm to 40mm, making them perfect for a wide range of bikes ranging from e-assist gravel bikes to dual-crown downhill bikes that no longer need a truck to be shuttled.
TCS Solid Strip
Durable nylon strip that lies between the rim and tubeless tape to prevent tubeless tape from pushing into the spoke holes and ensures a smooth interface between the tire and rim. The smooth surface makes it easier to mount a tire by preventing air from escaping around the bead at each indent during inflation. Solid Strip also protects the airtight system from puncture in the case of a broken spoke.
Rims with an inner rim width of 40mm are designed for tires widths ranging from 2.8-3.0". Pairing a wider rim to wider tires ensures optimal sidewall support and tire volume, which allows riders to run lower air pressure and fully benefit from the advantages of 2.8-3.0" tires. These are the perfect rim for mullet setups with a 2.8" wide tire on the rear. We suggest pairing it with our Vigilante 2.8 x 27.5" tire to achieve unbeatable traction in terrain ranging from smooth-and-fast to steep-and-deep.
What is an "e-bike" rim?
HTZ isn't some gimmick where a company slaps the e-bike moniker on a downhill component in hopes of riding the e-bike sales wave. We, and our friends, were simply tearing through rims as we lost track of the laps on our e-bikes. There's no denying that the additional weight of, and resulting forces exerted by, e-bikes are substantially more than traditional analog bikes. We needed rims that prioritized durability first-and-foremost with weight being so unimportant that we didn't even set a weight target. We simply needed rims that wouldn't let up under any circumstances on any bike. In the end, HTZ is the most bombproof rim you can buy for your e-bike.
Aluminum Alloy Workhorse
Carbon fiber is often presented as the superior material, but it isn't necessarily best for every application. Carbon is strong until it isn't, and those "isn't" moments are generally the extremely heavy hits where everything bottoms out and any material proves to be weaker than rock. With the additional weight of e-bikes, riders often compensate with excessively high tire pressures or those heavy hits are happening far more often. Aluminum alloy does an excellent job of taking one for the team and absorbing those massive impacts. Oh yeah, it's also easier on the wallet, so you can spend less time working and more time riding.
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