WTB Athletes Dominated Finale Ligure

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We're proud. We don't say it enough, but we mean it when we say it! We sponsor athletes who give it their all, whether it be for top spots on the podium or endless high fives. The series finale of the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy last weekend was a prime example of just that. By day, they were found making the trail look a bit too easy. Like daaaaayyyyum, that's impressive. By night, they held podium spots. Now, they get the fanfare...which they deserve every ounce of. 

et's start here. Stoke level doesn't get much higher than this. The Rocky Mountain / Urge Team crushed it throughout the entire series, putting them on the top spot and taking the overall team title for the 2016 EWS. Congrats! Photo cred: Matt Wragg

They celebrate well, as they should. Drink up, you're champions. Check out the Gehrig twins, Anita and Caro, taking turns pounding champagne on the left side. Photo cred: Matt Wragg

The whole Rocky Mountain / Urge team are known for their playfulness on the trail. Why keep it planed when you can do it the proper way. See above for proper technique. Photo cred: Matt Wragg

Check out that top-notch Silverado on this race rig. The whole team runs WTB saddles and we're proud knowing they allowed the team to achieve their EWS overall title in comfort! Photo cred: Matt Wragg

Quite the crowd! All eyes on Anita Gehrig as she charges into a rocky section of the DH Uomini stage. How can you focus on the trail when then surroundings are so stunning!? Photo cred: Sven Martin

Caro Gehrig stays calm and collected through one of the gnarliest sections on stage 5. Photo cred: Sven Martin

Anita took 3rd overall in the series and Caro took 5th. We'd like to request a new category: Siblings Who Send It. Congrats, ladies! Photo cred: Sven Martin

One misstep and spectators becomes new obstacles. The expression on the face of Jerome Clementz shows that he's zoned out into his own world, without any distractions. Photo cred: Jérémie Reuiller

Jerome Clementz is all too familiar with gracing the EWS overall podium. He took the top spot in 2013, when this whole "race blindly all over the world" thing was brand new. He became a world champion, which is something that is timelessly incredible and inspiring. 2015 brought him another place on the podium as he took 3rd overall. This year, he takes 3rd overall once again for the 2016 EWS! May that be a record for the most overall podium positions for an EWS athlete? 

This photo is what results when we can't get our hands on a photo of Marco from the weekend. This is his happy face, which is likely the same face he made when he took 9th at the series finale. It was his first time breaking into the top 10 in an EWS race, and we assure you it won't be his last. He's been in the big boy leagues for years, but now he's really showing the top spots where his skills are. 

Last but not least...big congrats to Martin Maes! You've come close a ridiculous amount of times. We've been certain you were going to get it countless other times. But you now have it under your belt...a round win in the EWS. Not to mention at Finale Ligure...what an incredible way to end the season.

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