Why Plus-Size Tires Need TCS Tough

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The introduction of plus-size mountain bike tires opened up a completely different riding experience for many riders. Riders who were new to the sport found additional confidence in the increased traction and forgiveness of a high-volume tire. Bikepackers finally had a tire that worked for a wide variety of terrain while also providing a smoother ride for long days in the saddle. Many aggressive riders laughed at the idea of plus-size tires, only to find that their descent times were often faster with these monster tires beneath them.

However, weight was a major concern when plus-size tires were first introduced. They needed to provide the benefits of high volume tires without adding too much rotational weight to the equation. Each of our WTB Trailblazer 2.8 (the first 27.5+ tire ever produced), Bridger 3.0 and Trail Boss 3.0 tires were introduced solely in a TCS Light version, which utilizes our Lightweight Casing. They're an excellent tire choice for a majority of riders, but we realized that certain riding categories and styles needed something a bit more. Bikepackers were looking for something with a bit more heft to provide added durability and reliability for exploration in truly remote regions. Aggressive riders ("senders" in proper WTB nomenclature) wanted to run lower pressures without the worry of rolling a tire under heavy cornering or, you guessed it, excessive sendage. 

We took note! Our Ranger 2.8/3.0 tires are our first plus-size tire model in which every size is offered in a TCS Tough version. From the trail-approved 26+ Ranger 2.8 to the bikepacker-demanded  29+ Ranger 3.0, there's a TCS Tough version of our newest plus-size tire for every riding style and need. TCS Tough casings have allowed us to run the low pressures that made plus-size tires appealing in the first place. They've made the platform noticeably less squirmy and have removed any worry of rolling onto the sidewall in tight corners. They've already provided us the peace of mind we needed on extended bikepacking trips as well.

It varies by tire, but TCS Tough versions of each Ranger 2.8/3.0 add about 220 grams over their TCS Light counterparts. There's no getting around that. However, the benefits of the tougher casing are exponentially more noticeable than the difference in weight. 

Ranger 2.8/3.0 is only the beginning and you'll continue to see our plus-size tires offered with the proven TCS Tough casing.

Here are the specs (including weights) for each of our TCS Tough Ranger 2.8/3.0 tires:

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound Casing Bead
26" x 2.8 TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 985g Dual DNA Enduro TCS

26" x 3.0

TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1025g Dual DNA Enduro TCS
27.5" x 2.8 TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1044g Dual DNA Enduro TCS
27.5" x 3.0 TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1080g Dual DNA Enduro TCS
29" x 3.0 TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 1140g Dual DNA Enduro TCS

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