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Moab has been on the top of every mountain bike destination list for decades. This little corner of southeast Utah continuously proves to be the ultimate mountain bikers vacation spot with hundreds of miles of singletrack, mega shuttle rides, and unique red rock terrain. These stunning Utah trails are not just for the master biker though, Moab has something for everyone. From large freeride rock rolls to smooth mellow singletrack, this desert oasis allows all levels and ages to enjoy the red rock trails.

So how can you take a place so magical and make it even better? Outerbike knew precisely how to up a destination by creating a weekend extravaganza of bikes, demos, food, and shuttles! Outerbike created an event that brings you to a destination and fills it with all your favorite bike companies and products. Demo events are brilliant in a world of so many choices and online shopping. The event originated as one of the first of its kind that allowed people to touch, test out, and chat about products before purchasing. Participants can demo almost all aspects of mountain biking, even including helmets and knee pads, guaranteeing that customers will be satisfied with their purchases from head to toe. However, Outerbike is not just a gear show; the weekend has shuttles going every day, bringing riders to some of the best trails in the area. 

Moab Outerbike was WTB's first Outerbike, and it honestly didn't disappoint. We set up shop right near the opening gate, where we got to eagerly watch hundreds of people every morning run into the expo to reserve their demos for the day. We were equipped with demo saddles that allowed people to test out our new 2020 line. We sent out tons of demos with the help from our Fit Right System making it quick and easy to set riders up with a perfect saddle. Participants can come and go trying out as many different products as they like. After riding, they come back to chat about what they liked and didn't like so that they can be guided to the perfect product.

Outerbike isn't just for people looking to buy product though, the weekend is open for anyone that wants to come to hang out, talk tech, and enjoy like-minded individuals. Moabs consistently pleasant weather and sunny skies were the icings on the cake for an unbeatable weekend.

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