Van Tour 2022: Northwest TuneUp

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WTB landed in Bellingham WA for the first annual Northwest Tuneup event, and the cycling scene is one of the best we've seen thus far!
The pacific northwest delivered on it promise of world-class mountain biking, and the opportunity to demo the latest bikes at Mt. Galbraith made the price to admission well worth it!
The weather opened up for us just in time for the event and we couldn't be more thrilled with the trail conditions. Tune Up hosted an Enduro race at Galbraith alongside a variety of clinics ranging from cornering practice to proper jumping technique.
WTB brought back mocktail hour to the booth which is a great refresher after a few laps around the pump track. Free sealant giveaways and spin-to-win prizes dominated our booth. Who doesn't like free stuff?
Riders ready, watch the gate!! Tune up brought in a true bmx gate start for the pump track competition, and I couldn't help but reminisce over my middle school days at the bmx track. Naturally, thats where I hid one of our coveted golden tickets
Tune up delivered a fantastic event with a diverse beer garden, fun concert venue, and engaging cycling events. The trails speak for themselves. Stay tuned as WTB Van Tour is off to Fort Collins CO

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