Van Tour 2022: Grinduro

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The Van Tour arrived in Mt. Shasta, California last weekend for the EPIC Grinduro cycling festival. 

Hundreds of riders took to the gravel and mountain style terrain at Shastice park in the regions notoriously dry, loose conditions. Racers got to choose between the full 60 miler, or the more palatable 23 mile grindurito course. WTB posted up an aide station near the 20 mile point where the infamous Mark Weir cooked up some legendary banana bacon pancakes. From dawn to noon, our crew cleared through dozens and dozens of pounds of pancake mix. 

After cleaning up my pancake mix explosion as a result of being elbow deep churning mix for hours, we took to the festival grounds where riders kicked back with a beer, warm plate of food, and some good music. The WTB tent handed out the usual swag in addition to hosting colorful mocktail bar. I took a page out of my old bartending hat and crafted some color changing drinks which were a real hit. 




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