Van Tour 2022: Bentonville Bike Fest

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WTB Van Tour landed in the self-proclaimed mountain bike capital of the world, Bentonville Arkansas, for their largest MTB festival of the year
 With 25,000 anticipated attendees and 6 different cycling competitions, WTB was in for a busy weekend. People from all over the south and the midwest made the trip for an event only comparable to Sea Otter. 
WTB had too much fun playing mock carnival games for a chance to win a bottle of sealant. At first I thought it was impossible to get a soft ring on to a sealant bottle, but turns out I just suck at the game. We gave away loads of sealant, almost too easy. 
Heat and humidity is a rough combination, but the dirt jump show was well worth standing in the sun for! Flips, 360s, nac nacs, and everything in between was in store for attendees. There was a 12 year old kid throwing wild 360s! The All American Sprint race was a new race format for me to watch, which is essentially a timed short sprint with super tight switchbacks. Shoutout to our rider Bowie Edwards for winning the 16 y/o category in the All American!
Bentonville was a real treat to visit. From coffee shops with integrated bicycle repair stands to local trails connecting to downtown, cycling is the life-blood of the town. It's like disneyland for mountain bikers. Whether you're a stone-cold beginner or a seasoned expert, Bentonville has something for you.
We'll see you again at Outerbike in October!

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