The NEW Rebecca's Private Idaho and Q&A with the "Queen Of Pain"

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Rebecca's Private Idaho is back in an all-new format! Sharpen up your spurs and get ready for an incredible ride!

Join rRebecca Rusch for an exclusive training and ride experience.  You will train and prepare together with Rebecca as teammates and have access to her exclusive network of performance experts. On Labor Day weekend you will all ride out from home #alonetogether as we  pedal with purpose.  

While the format may look different this year, the RPII mission remains focused on using the bicycle for healing, evolution and empowerment. Your participation benefits the The Be Good™ Foundation. This year, Private Idaho fundraising efforts will support projects and groups that foster diversity, equity and inclusion in cycling.

Learn More About The PRI Challenge Here! 


Q & A With The "Queen Of Pain" Rebecca Rusch

WTB: Why did you start Rebecca's Private Idaho?

Rebecca: Three Reasons....

Connect People -Bikes are a great way to gather, connect, share. Events are where I’ve met some of my best friends and have loved sharing the trail with people.
Celebrate Place - Everywhere I go, people would ask “IdaHUH?”  Potatoes?  My backyard is pretty special and remote.  I wanted to share the corners where no one goes, get people onto the gravel less traveled.  My goal is if people see and fall in love with our wide open spaces and public lands that they’ll want to protect those areas where we ride.
Ride with Purpose - The bike has given me those gifts and I feel a responsibility to share the gift of cycling. I have never had a ton of money to donate to bike charities and causes I believe in, so RPI was my way of being able to give back in an impactful way through this event.   RPI has always been a fundraising ride and my Be Good Foundation’s mission statement is to use the bike as a catalyst for healing, evolution and empowerment.  RPI is about giving the gift of cycling to more people around the world via our fundraising.  This year our Be Good efforts are focused on supporting programs that grow inclusive, diverse access and participation in cycling.
WTB: What are you most excited about this new RPI format?

Rebecca: This new RPI format  #RPIChallenge is a totally different hybrid type of event.  I’m most excited about three things:  1.  we are not cancelled.  I was not willing to give up on my goals to connect people, celebrate riding places and ride with purpose.  So we reinvented the format.   2.  This new hybrid format is accessible to anyone around the world, so it’s actually far more accessible than coming to Idaho in person.  3.  The weeks long training, nutrition, motivation, gear, learning community that leads up to event weekend is one of the things that is the most special!  We are training as a team and I’ve brought people into my world of coaches and experts.  I’m so happy to share all of these tools that people may not have had access to before and also to be able to engage and interact for weeks as we all train and learn and prepare!


WTB: RPI helps support The Be Good™ Foundation, can you tell us a little about what that is and how it got started?

Rebecca: RPI has always been a fundraising ride and my way of giving back to the cycling community that has given me so much!  The Be Good Foundation was launched last year to formalize my goals of giving back via cycling.  I started the foundation after riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail to find the place where my Dad died in the Vietnam War. Connecting with my personal history, the war history, the culture in that area…all through my bike was a life changing trip.  I came home saddened by the affects of the war and the bombs that are still there…bombs that are still active and killing people to day.  That ride and learning about the unexploded bombs was my Dad’s way of teaching me that I could do more with my bike.  I launched the Be Good Foundation in his name.  “Be Good” are how he signed all of his letters home to us during the war and I’ve taken those words as my guiding principle.  Now the Be Good Foundation’s mission is to use the bike as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution and we take on various projects that meet that mission.

WTB: You have been participating in other people's races for a long time. What do you like most about putting on your own race for other people?

Rebecca: The energy that I get from sharing my experience, my expertise, my home area, fuels me for my own rides or when my own motivation is lacking.

People are communal and we need to connect and share.  All of my races, podiums, trophies, experience would be wasted if I just kept them to myself.  Being able to share with other people is an even bigger win than standing on a podium alone.  I’m so motivated to do a good job with RPI Challenge because other people are looking to me for guidance.  I take that responsibility seriously and the motivation flows both ways.
WTB: What are three reasons a rider should try the RPI Challenge?

Rebecca: To Grow, learn, evolve as a human and a cyclist

To hold yourself accountable by committing to a goal and a group
To collectively work as a team to provide more access to bikes to more people around the world!
WTB: What advice do you have for a newbie racer/rider taking on the RPI Challenge?

Rebecca: Get signed up for the full Experience level membership.  $199 for pro coaching, nutrition, training, gear in an interactive format.  With new content every week, a place to share, learn, ask questions and guidance from the best in the world to prepare for the Challenge.  I mean…it doesn’t’ get any better than this!  I promise to guide anyone in the program to their best ride yet!  Newbie or pro, this event concept and interactive community is just what we all need to learn and evolve from whatever starting point you are at.

WTB: What do you think it is about bikes that bring people together?

Rebecca: It’s physical work, a collective goal, a shared purpose…as we work together to improve ourselves, that strength, confidence, power are things that are spread to the people around us.

WTB: What do you think the future of RPI looks like to you?

Rebecca: The future of RPI looks like an amazing combination of what our in person event has been for 8 years and what this new RPI Challenge looks like this year.

When we can gather together again safely, I see RPI happening here in Idaho, but also the RPI Challenge happening around the world.  I see us all training and preparing world wide with the community training group and then everyone executing their ride at the same time worldwide…
The beauty of what RPI was and what RPI challenge is are that they will both work together beautifully and then our global impact and connectivity as cyclists will be exponentially increased!  how cool is that?!
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