Taipei Cycle Show Display Bike #3: STINNER Frameworks - Refugio

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Each element of a Stinner’s fabrication is tirelessly and lovingly crafted in a process where each step exudes passion from its maker – wheel creation, frame prep, welding, paint, and final assembly resulting in bicycles renowned for their second-to-none aesthetic while also boasting versatility, simplicity, and irrefutable functionality. Details cleverly bolster cleanliness.

The Refugio is named after a tyrannicaly epic climb north of Santa Barbara, starting from shattered single lane pavement and punching skyward, peaking out 3,700 something feet later. Augmenting its climbing origins, the Refugio name also echoes of the high alpine shelters dotting the mixed terrain surfaces and stradas in the Maritime Alps – a versatile terrain where this Stinner shines as well, broadening its usage into a category defying nature.

WTB is incredibly thankful to showcase new Exposure 32 Road TCS tires on Stinner Frameworks’ beautiful Refugio. Just as the Refugio is too adeptly capable to be sentenced to singular usage, the Exposure 32 joins its 30 and 34mm siblings in redefining high-end road usage to beyond pacelines and time trails, begging the question of what can’t a supple road tubeless tire tackle through the Exposure 32’s smooth riding all-weather inspired tread pattern.

WTB would also like to thank White Industries for their continued help in ensuring we always have a way of displaying our newest products. The White Industries CLD hubs were a perfect final touch for such an awing bike.

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