Pivot's New Phoenix Team PadLoc Grips

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Words by Jeremiah Newman (he's also the super shredder in the photos)

When WTB launched PadLoc grips, they became a lot like 29” wheels. Some people LOVE them, and some people have an unfounded reservation about them, as if it were Hitler himself that came up with the idea. The only thing wrong with that is that all the haters of PadLoc have never even tried the grips. If the industry dismissed every little innovation that popped up on their computer screen, then we wouldn’t be riding the modern super machines that are today's bikes. Thankfully, there are some who have been intrigued by them enough to go out on a limb and give 'em a go. Those folks need no further convincing.

Chris Cocalis, owner and CEO of Pivot cycles, is arguably one of the smartest, most innovative bike designers in the industry. He tried the grips and loved them so much that he wanted to put them on all his bikes. He even took it one step further by designing his own version of the grip with Pivot’s very own name and logo. A man of that stature doesn’t just put his company’s logo on any old bicycle part. It must be thoroughly vetted and truly needs to be the best product available.

In my opinion, WTB PadLoc grips are just that. The best grips available! I’ve been riding PadLoc grips for over a year now, and Pivot’s own Phoenix PadLoc grips for about three months...they're incredible! They are light, squishy, comfortable, and glue the rider to the bars, even in the pissing rain. If hand fatigue is an issue, then these are the solution. The difference for me has been incredible!

Before you dismiss PadLoc grips as the devil himself, I simply urge to try them before you come to any conclusions. Head down to your local Pivot dealer today and give them a squish. You never know, your next bike could be a 29” wheeled, oval chain ring spinning, electronically controlled piece of space age plastic with a little bit of PadLoc squish!

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