Van Tour : Old Man Winter Bike Rally

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The Van Tour made its way to Boulder, Colorado this past weekend to take part in the rugged old MAN WINTER BIKE RALLY & RUN.

Riders can choose a 50km or 100km of dirt, snow, sweat, and beer rolling through the world-famous cycling mecca of Boulder County. Old Man Winter is not for the light-hearted taking place in the heart of the Rocky Mountain's Winter. However, this year's race proved how determined, unshakable, and committed Colorado Bike Enthusiest truly are.

We woke up the morning of the race to a fresh few inches of fluffy Colorado snow, but the weather didn't stop there. The snow kept coming down long into the day. Nevertheless, the show went on, and riders showed up to the start line eager to start their snowy journey into Boulder's tough terrain. With inches of snow on the ground, the 100km riders took off down the road. Despite their dedication and high spirits, the riders only made it 15 miles or so into  race before CDOT (Colorado's Department of Transportation) called the race off for dangerous road conditions.

Regardless of the canceled race, riders returned to the main stage area with smiles still on there faces ready to hang out, drink local beer, and chat about bikes. Boulder proved to be some of the most steadfast bikers out there, and we were thrilled to come to hang out in such a vast biking community that is Boulder, Colorado.


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