EWS 5 - La Thuile, Italy

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Photos by Sven Martin @svenmartinphoto

It was quite the weekend of rocky, rooty, ROWDY racing for round five of the EWS (Enduro World Series) in La Thuile, Italy. What would be terrifying for most mortals to creep down was made to look easy by WTB super senders. Whether using Anita's calculated approach or Marco's full-gas attack...each athlete held it together to bring home solid results. Scroll down to check out more photos from Sven Martin.

Marco Osborne: 22nd

Anita Gehrig: 4th

Martha Gill: 20th

Loui Harvey: 90th

Only a few weeks before EWS 6 takes over Whistler, Canada on August 12th. We look forward to being up there and supporting this group of incredibly talented senders!

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