EWS #3: Olargues, France

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Photos: Sven Martin  @svenmartinphoto

Irish rider Dan Wolfe on stage two looking calm and collected. Dan had a bad crash and ended up not racing on day two. Wishing him a speedy recovery! 

Caro Gehrig was in 2nd after day one, but with a few mechanicals she ended up 5th after day two. Congrats, Caro!

The tracks in France were technical and steep. A bit of tree smacking happened right after this photo was taken! 

Martha Gill ended up in 18th overall after a weekend of rocky tracks.  

Tight turns for Marco Osborne. 

In the pain cave for the little muffin Martha Gill. 

Marco ended his race a stage early with a bad crash and mechanical, but stayed on the gas for every second up until then. 

Caro looking focused for a podium spot! 

For full results check out the official EWS site. 

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