When work responsibilities require you to fly half way around the world, you should definitely grab every opportunity to mix work and pleasure right? Well that's exactly what one of our customers decided to do this summer...

Juan Pablo Ortiz V. was making the annual journey from Columbia to Germany for a hectic few days at the Eurobike show, so was looking for something to spice the trip up a little. A pre show mountain bike loop? How about a road ride after the show? Or... The all new gravel adventure set in the stunning Bohemian Switzerland National Park! 

The Bash, or Bohemian Border Bash in full, is based right on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. It's not a race, it's not a competition, it's a gravel gathering where you ride at your own pace and explore your surroundings. Sounds great! Now, how to get there?

With a handful of days between the closing of Eurobike and the start of The Bash, Juan Pablo decided to use those days wisely and turn the transition form Friedrichshafen into a bike packing expedition in true gravel style. Here's a photographic diary of the testing trip...

The 830 kilometre route included 12,550m climbing over 5 days. 

The machine, all set and ready to roll...

The Venture 47 is the perfect choice when you're not sure what's around the corner...


 Can't you see the wood for the trees?

 It's all about those sunsets...

No bikepacking report is complete without a camping shot

Welcome to the Czech Republic!

Quick catch up at the WTB tent before The Bash roll out...

Ride with others, make new friends, enjoy The Bash 


Refuelling time...

160 kilometres with 3k of climbing, that's a big day out!

 An 800km journey, and straight into a gravel event with no recovery. Way to cram some serious bike time into a work trip! Big thanks to Juan Pablo for sharing his story with us.

Photos and text by: Juan Pablo Ortiz V.

IG: @ritoz

For more information on the Bohemian Border Bash, click here!


Eurobike to Bash! A Pictorial Story

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Eurobike to Bash! A Pictorial Story

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