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You can't get away from it. The 'Lockdown of 2020' is resulting in dramatic changes to the way we go about our every day lives. Whether that's working from home, looking for alternative travel options, or even new ways to keep fit & healthy.

Over the last couple of months the world has seen a rise in the amount of people swinging a leg over a bicycle - great news for the sport of cycling as a whole, and hopefully even better news for global pollution levels. 

We want to take a bit of time to help out the new members if our cycling community with a few little tips to help make your bike riding safer, more reliable, and more fun!

First up, let's take a quick look at something we'll all have to do at some point - fixing a flat tire! There are a few key points to remember when taking this on, but the great thing is that you can practice over and over with the same components until you get it dialled.  

It's also super important to take care of your chain. Seems easy right? Here's the basics... 

A clean and freshly lubed chain will run smoother and last longer. That's pretty important, because it could save you a lot of money. If you look after your chain you'll get the most out of it. If you replace it at the right intervals, the rest of your drivetrain will last a whole lot longer too. Always remember to replace your chain before it starts wearing out your cassette... 

Next up we're look at what we like to carry on a ride. Every ride. 

It's true that there are a million different scenarios that you could come across whilst out cycling, and you're right it's totally impractical to carry everything you need to cover all eventualities. Luckily, over many many years of two wheeled adventures we have narrowed down the 'essential' tool selection to make a reasonable list of items that will get you though most situations...

Last up we're taking a quick look at our brakes - one of the most important components of any bike. They'll help you ride better and safer, so it's really important we look after them.

Changing your brake pads isn't as tricky as you might think, if you take your time and follow a few simple steps it's certainly a job that anyone can try. We hope the following video helps a little...

*This method applies to both mountain bikes and drop bars machines too!* 

Thanks for checking out some of our top tips, we hope it helps you continue to enjoy your bike and the happiness it can bring. 

Getting back to basics...

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Getting back to basics...

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