Mongolia Bike Challenge Update: Day 4 Dominated by Silverados

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Day four of the Mongolia Bike Challenge went well for WTB-sponsored athletes with first place, third place, and the overall lead secured by those perched atop comfortable yet power transfer friendly WTB Silverado saddles.  Jason Sager of Team Jamis won the stage, starting just above 6,500 feet.

Jason Sager of Team Jamis, pedaling his way to victory atop a WTB Silverado

Tom Turner, also of Team Jamis grabbed third place, also sporting a Silverado.

First place overall is still being held by Kona Factory Team Canadian rider Cory Wallace, also aboard a WTB Silverado - man, there really is something to these Silverados, isn't there?

That's a Silverado on there, I promise.

Tent City, hope nobody snores loudly.

Moto riders, a hiker, and a horse rider all getting along on the trails in Mongolia.

WTB's marketing representative, Daniel Carruthers, is currently sitting in 14th - way to go Daniel, keep on truckin'!

Daniel is making it happen on Nano 2.1 29" TCS tires mounting to feathery light Frequency i19 TCS rims sitting proudly on a WTB Volt SLT saddle.

Cory Wallace Daniel Carruthers Frequency TCS i19 Jamis Jason Sager Kona MBC Mongolia Bike Challenge Nano 2.1 29" TCS Silverado Tom Turner Volt SLT Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB

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