Jerome Clementz Wins Enduro World Series Colorado

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Winter Park, Colorado hosted round four of the Enduro World Series for a three day race against the clock down some of the best single single track USA has to offer. There to defend his current number one ranking was WTB racer Jerome Clementz, accompanied by teammates Mark Weir and Ben Cruz. Also representing WTB were top 20 finishers Marco Osborne and Kyle Warner. 

Jerome Clementz, 1st, rode his Cannondale Jekyll equiped with a Team Issue VOLT SLT saddle.

Kyle Warner, 10th, rode his Felt Compulsion equipped with WTB tires and saddle.

Marco Osborne, 18th, rode his Cannondale Jekyll equipped with a Vigilante front tire, WeirWolf rear tire, Moto-X grips, Frequency i23 rims,     and a Volt saddle.

Frequency TCS Jerome Clementz Moto-X Clamp-On MTB Team WTB Vigilante Volt Weirwolf

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