1 year later, lone gray wolf still prowling California

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Richard Shinn / California Dept. of Fish and Game

As you may have noticed from our company logo, we at WTB have a very strong connection with the wolf. This is why we consider OR-7 (pictured above) something of a friend. OR-7 has been roaming California for just over a year, searching for a pack or a mate, maybe both - no one knows. The point is, with 3,000 miles under his belt since the start of his journey in Oregon, OR-7 is destined to find what he's looking for... or so we hope. Little does he know, OR-7 is the first wolf to ever set paw in California since 1924 and the likelihood of him finding a pack to call his own is microscopic. He may need some help.


The state is now considering a petition to put the wolf on the endangered species list, something already accomplished federally. If completed, the state's Wildlife Commission will determine how many wolves need to be planted into the area to no longer be endangered.

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