Review: WTB Bronson TCS Tyres

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The very nature of riding 150mm travel ‘all mountain’ style bikes is that they allow you to ascend trails, to then descend them in a manner similar to that of a downhill bike. As great as this is, the speed and poise these bikes offer requires tyres that not only keep us where we want to be while on the edge of control, but also allow us to explore and let the miles slip by with little consequence to our physical well-being. We now also have certain things at our finger tips that allow our bikes to overcome any obstacles we encounter on the trail; dropper posts and adjustable suspension being the most notable, but making such adjustments is negligible when you can adjust them as and when, but tyres being your contact with the dirt below are not and without any ‘on-the-fly’ adjustment, require a far greater understanding…

I don’t know about you, but the name ‘Bronson’ means one thing, and that’s bad ass! Charles Bronson was an actor, famous for playing steely eyed bad ass dudes, and with a name like this you're immediately thinking these tyres are gonna give as hard as hard as they get.

The Bronson’s dual compound design basically involves a 50a durometer inner tread and a 60a durometer outer. What this means is that you have less rolling resistance when climbing or cruising along, but when you lean and push hard into corners, you are rewarded with an extra bit of bite right when you need it – this also aids in the tyre’s durability and longevity.



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