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Over 30 years of innovation has led WTB to create the latest in All Mountain saddles - the Volt. Ridden to podium spots as the official saddle of this years' Downieville All Mountain World Championship, the Volt features some of the latest improvements in cycling performance and comfort.

The Volt saddle line was developed in collaboration with mountain bike pioneer Mark Slate and WTB's team of All Mountain Pro riders led by Mark Weir (eight-time Downieville Downhill Champ) and Jason Moeschler, (three-time Downieville All Mountain Champ).

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Jason Moeschler, 3rd, and Jereome Clementz, 4th, both using Volt saddles during the Downieville DH.

The "Whale Tail" design allows riders to push back and gain leverage when climbing, while anchoring the hips when aggressively cornering. The uniquely broad neck area proves a comfortable forward platform position for extended pedaling. Coupled with WTB's proprietary Love Channel and Comfort Zone technology, the Volt delivers performance and comfort whether racing in Downieville or riding on your favorite local trails.

The Volt is available in 133mm x 265mm and comes in Race (cromoly), Pro (Nicro), Team (titanium), and SLT (titanium) models. The SLT version weighs in at a nimble 220g that is not only tough enough for AM but light enough for XC and road riding.

Retail pricing is: SLT - $150, Team - $130, Pro - $90 and Race - $60.

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