BAREL is back on track!

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After 10 months off the start gate, the French men were back on track this weekend in Barcelona. The Mondraker Factory Team was in San Andreu de la Barca to race the open of Spain.

It was a successful event, well organized by the Oulego’s Family, with 350 riders in the start gate and more than 2,000 spectators around the track. Fab packed up the two runs on the front of Bernat Guardia, winner of the previous edition.

“I felt good on the bike. Really happy to have the emotion again of the start gate. It has been a long challenge for me to get back on the bike after the injury. I am really pleased obviously with this first place but I still have a long way to go until I am 100% and back onto speed.”

Barel, a WTB-sponsored rider since 2007, will race again this weekend in France to further prepare for the season. We're proud to see that Fabien's saddle of choice is the WTB Silverado!

1. 75 BAREL Fabien Elite (1) 1:55.348

2. 1 GUARDA PASCUAL Bernat Elite (2) 53:56.187

3. 3 OULEGO MORENO Ivan Elite (3) 1:57.523

4. 135 WALLNER Robin Elite (4) SUECIA 1:58.298

5. 6 CANALS FLIX Pasqual Elite BAWSHEE-SANT ANDREU 1:58.511

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