Weir off the Coast of Africa for Humanitarian Race

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Weir in Kenya for the 2009 Urge event.

After a 12-hour commute sandwiched in the center seat aboard a 747 headed from SFO to Paris, France, Mark Weir is approaching his final destination–the Urge Cabo Verde Ultimate MTB Gravity Adventure. You may recall a similar adventure that Weir participated in two years ago in Kenya, where proceeds from the event supported water system development efforts in the impoverished region where the event took place. You may also recall that Weir’s bike was left on the tarmac somewhere in the commute, forcing him to compete on a borrowed bike.


We are happy to report that Mark and his bike have arrived safely to the first of the two Cabo Verde islands (Fogo and Santo Antao) located off the coast of Africa, where this year's event will take place. Here, Weir will join 14 of the world's best professional endurance downhill riders (WTB-sponsored riders Fabien Barel and Jérôme Clementz included) and two amateur riders for the first race on Thursday, February 10. The race begins with 10,000 feet of climbing, dropping down the backside of the steep, loose volcano and into a rocky, technical rain-forest style trail, ending at the beach. No one racing will get to see the course, as the riders will ascend up a different side of the volcano–a true enduro format. With all the risks involved with riding the aggressive and technical terrain without a pre-ride, the athletes will be forced to ride by their wits and good judgment.

Stay tuned as Weir keeps us posted on Facebook!

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