TCS Stryker Demo is a hit at 2010 Interbike Show

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Travis McMaster, normally a mild-mannered WTB Tech Rep by day, took Team Stryker Force to the next level with his mad Stryker "skeels" (demonstrated here) at the 2010 Interbike Outdoor Dirt Demo. Yes, the beard is real.

We’ve said it before, but this year's Interbike was the best show ever for WTB, who doubled as “Team Stryker Force” in thunderbolt Smurf-blue tee shirts and red sweatbands for Outdoor Dirt Demo. It’s safe to say that the new WTB TCS product line was a big hit (bigger than our new look) as the team sent rider after rider out on the rocky, loose course with the new Stryker TCS wheelsets and new Bronson tires. With rave reviews all around, we were hard pressed to find a rider who came back with anything less than a smile and a demand for more! It’s no wonder people are loving WTBs answer to the demand for lightweight tubeless with incredible flat protection. We love it too!

There was even more to love when we displayed the following full line of new WTB TCS product at the indoor show.

Stryker TCS Wheel Set
Stryker TCS XC 26” Front
Stryker TCS XC 15mm Front
Stryker TCS XC 135mm Rear
Stryker TCS AM 15mm Front
Stryker TCS AM 110mmx20mm Thru Axle Front
Stryker TCS AM 12mmx142mm Rear
Stryker TCS AM 135mm Rear
Stryker TCS XC Race 29” Front
Stryker TCS XC Race 29” 15mm Front
Stryker TCS XC Race 29” 135mm Rear
Speed TCS Wheel Set
Speed TCS XC Front
Speed TCS XC 135mm Rear
Speed TCS AM 29” Front
Speed TCS AM 29” 135mm Rear
Laser TCS Rims
Laser TCS XC (559 x 19C)
Laser TCS Trail (559 x 21C)
Laser TCS AM (559 x 23C)
Laser TCS FR (559 x 27C)
Laser TCS Trail 29” (622 x 21C)

Bronson 2.1 and 2.3
Nano 2.1
Exiwolf 2.1
WeirWolf 2.1 and 2.3
Mutano 2.2 and 2.4
Wolverine 2.2

Keep your eyes peeled for more great product reviews, like the ones from Guitar Ted with on the Stryker Wheels/Bronson Tires, covered Mark Weir's Downieville-winning bike, TCS, and the new carbon saddles, and MTBR's Virtual Trade Show Booth covered just about everything!

On behalf of the entire WTB staff, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to stop by our booth. The energy was great and your feedback about our new and existing products, past and upcoming rides, or even news on your team is what keeps us inspired, motivated, creative and constantly on our toes. Here's to another fantastic Interbike show!

Team Stryker Force! Mark Weir’s race-proven Stryker rig Kenny Burt shredding on the STRYKERS! STRYKER!
Crystal_WTB Booth Weir helping at the booth WTB Booth_2010 Interbike Moeschler_Bronson WTB’s new Customer Service Master Tech, Will Ritchie


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