The Routine Commute

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This is a photo gallery of my commute from Cole Valley (San Francisco) to WTB Global Headquarters in Mill Valley (Marin).


Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of shredding sweet singletrack in Downieville, and finding the perfect flow on Ashland’s well groomed trails. However, I have managed to link together what I like to call a super commute (16 miles each way). I am so grateful to work for WTB, a company that embraces bike culture. I get paid a $3 daily incentive to ride to work, save $5 on bridge toll and have a shower and washer and dryer available.

The best part, each day on the bike commute is an adventure. From fancy yachts (the Maltese Falcon featured in the photo gallery) to bobcats. My commute has everything from bike lanes to fire roads to singletrack. I go up hills and down hills. I deal with sketchy drivers, mindless tourists, territorial coyotes, gale-force winds, fog, sunlight and moonlight. I would not change a thing. I took these pictures while commuting to and from work in the last month. Enjoy my photo galley. Hopefully it will inspire you to rally your own super commute.

I feel sorry for people who don’t ride bikes. Because when they wake up in the morning… that’s the best they are going to feel all day long.

Click HERE to see my photo gallery.

--Chris Schierholtz


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