The Way Bobby Sees It

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Poison Oak Productions, the two-person crew that put out the film Singletrack Minds, is finishing up a powerful documentary about mountain bike racer Bobby McMullen. Jason Watkins and Wendy Todd of Poison Oak invited a few of us to a private screening at Pixar Animation Studios last week and we were simply blown away.

The film documents Bobby’s 2007 race season—including injuries and break-ups—with the climax at the Downieville Classic. Bobby is one of the most colorful personalities that WTB sponsors, a damn good bike racer and he can talk trash with the best of them. Another notable point is that Bobby is blind. This film does an excellent job capturing his incredible spirit. Although his vision is impaired, Bobby has more focus and determination than any other athlete we know.

We’re confident that this film will not only be a smashing success among cyclists, but a hit among non-riders as well. Click the picture above to watch the trailer.

Downieville Classic News Team Video

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