Throwback Thursdays: 1998 Comfort Zone Press Release

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We still use the Comfort Zone today and it definitely still provides soft tissue relief.  That almost sounds as though it's a cure for excessive tissue or Kleenex usage, perhaps a lotioned Kleenex, maybe even Puffs.  I digress.

Comfort Zone was and is a lovely cutout in the saddle shell.  That way, your, ahem, region, doesn't have to sit on something hard.  Simple.  And it works.  It has evolved but is still splendidly comfy and found on almost all WTB saddles today in its various iterations.  It first showed up on SST.98 saddles.  Those were amazing saddles and it was almost a look but don't touch feature - you had to throw down real money to get access to that feature.  Then, it was so comfy, that it spread to other saddles and a press release followed its migration in 1999.  Listed below is a shot from the 1998 catalog, showing Comfort Zone's first, though less broadcasted, appearance.  Now it's a staple in the line.  So enjoy it and think back to that stunning SST.98 for paving the way.

Notice the Vanadium rails reference in the picture above - shortly lived and very sinister sounding you have to hunt to find it mentioned, much like Magnelium, (nope, not a typo) to be revealed in the future.  Yes, I come from the future.

1998 Catalog Cover
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