Throwback Thursdays: 1992 WTB Trailgrips

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We now call them Original Trail Grips, a head nod to the history of the Trailgrip.  That also means we still sell 'em.  Yes we do.  These are my absolute favorite grips - there is something about the octagonal shape and rounded, closed end, and slight flare to the inner that just sings to me - well, my hands anyway.  I first rode them on a beautiful steel Ibis I had, and, well, the rest is history, they're on my bike today.  I had the clear ones then, the black ones, which are the only option now.

WTB spent time during the early days modifying existing parts out there - stuff that wasn't designed necessarily, or at all, for mountain bikes, and making it better, making it work for mountain bikes.  Early Magura motorcycle grips had flanges that interfered with shifters - so, WTB cut them.  They were also hard, very hard.  So, WTB made new grips entirely and above is a photo of them, below a press release.  They're now $12 instead of $10 due to the price of rubber, and the price of prices since 1992, but other than that, they still rule.  Chances are, you might even find them hanging on a shop wall, marked for $10.  They're classic.  Can't mess with a classic, they're still comfy and perfect.

1992 Press Release:

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