Dear WTB: From, JayP

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From: Jay Petervary <>
Date: Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 2:48 PM
Subject: AZT - Wolverine

Quick note.
Not a single flat on an amazingly rough, chunky, aggressive, cactus-filled route. Sooo stoked on WTB. Thanks, talk this week as I am in recovery catch up mode...
8 oz of a Slime concoction tubeless all the way.
Do you want me to send you the tires for engineers or anything? 
More beer...jayP


Pretty much one of the best e-mails you could possibly receive as a tire company.  JayP rules.  And he did it again.  He won the AZT 750, which included having to walk his bike, disassembled, mind you, across the Grand Canyon.  He rode 750 miles unsupported in 8 days, 8 hours, and 57 minutes.  Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that resets the record for fastest unsupported completion of the current, hard course.  If I'm wrong, my apologies, but even if so, that's insane.  Over 600 of those miles are near unnavigable gnar gnar singletrack.  Yes, that's a technical term.

Wolverine 2.2 29" TCS tires faced the sharp end of... well... sharp for 600+ miles of this and worse.  JayP ran a Rocket V SLT saddle as well.

Fortunately, JayP's good friend Bill Merchant was waiting to pick him up at the finish.  Keep in mind the finish was in Utah.  He started in Mexico.

And what do you do when you finish 750 self-propelled miles where grueling is an understatement?  Well, you sit poolside giving your feet a chance to breathe, your scabs a chance to sit unperturbed, and you ponder your next endeavor while sipping a well-deserved beer.  That's right, six weeks out is the Dirty Kanza 200 - gravel competitors beware, here comes JayP!

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