Jeff Herberston Stomps Another Santa Cruz Jump Jam

07 April, 2014

For as long as there's been a Jump Jam at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, there's been WTB on the podium.  Let me rephrase that, for as long as there's been the Jump Jam, there's been Jeff Herbertson winning it on WTB product.  

This Sunday, Jeff threw extended double tail whips past an awe-inspired crowd that watched Frequency i25s spin high above their heads with controlled delight.  Front flips, back flips, tail whips, 360s - nothing was safe from Jeff's aerial arsenal of rad.  Pick a trick, any trick, chances are Jeff styled and stomped it.  Needless to say, Jeff won the Pro class.

Jeff styling a vacant Post Office on a separate, solo occasion.  Photo credit: Drew Soltis

The best thing about Jeff is... well, Jeff.  He's humble, hardworking, smiling, helping, and there - always there when you need him.  It seems like every time we're at an event and it's time to let out a long sigh, signifying the end of a trade show, there's Jeff.  Turn around and he's already boxing up product, breaking down grid wall, offering a smile, a knowing look, he's there.  There when you need him.

Jeff, 360 can can, captured by Drew Soltis.

Want to see Jeff throw down?  Though it's not official, chances are you'll see him at Sea Otter Classic this next weekend for a Bronze Level stop on the FMB (Freeride Mountain Bike) World Tour - come root for the nicest guy you don't know yet.  Here's to Jeff, another Jump Jam in the books!



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