WTB Throwback Thursdays: 1989 Moab Trip with Snowbound Team Vehicle

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Driving a muscle car in the snow can be, well, hairy.  While I immediately assumed that Mark Slate couldn't help himself while driving the 1969 Pontiac LeMans equipped with a bigger engine and fiercer transmission, Slate patiently and kindly corrected me when I asked him about zinging the Team Vehicle off the road and into a ditch in the snow.  You see, I hear snippets from Fred here, who was in the car at the time and is still here to tell about it, and then I create my own story in my little head, more fun that way.

So here's what happened, Slate was responsibly driving between 10 and 20 mph in the snow behind a semi, pulled around to pass him, and, with no traction, went right off the road into the ditch.  Maybe this was early inspiration behind the traction excessive WTB Velociraptor tires, maybe not, that's me fabricating inside of my small head again, back to the story.  Slate was able to get it pointed back toward the roadway by making about a 50 yard loop in the chaparral as pictured above.

Slate said he would have been able to drive it back onto the road himself, Fred corroborates this as well, but that the semi driver had already gotten a chain ready to pull him back onto the road.  While Slate was tempted to prove that he could get the Team Vehicle back onto the road by himself, which he could, he decided to swallow his pride and take the helping hand offered.  The road trip continued, good times ensued.  WTB has a long history of traveling far and wide for good trails, can't slow down a perfectly good adventure for a little snow.

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