WTB Adds 2.8 Width to Vigilante Family

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MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – October 15, 2018 – WTB has added to the renowned Vigilante tread family with a 2.8 width designed for trail riding in conditions ranging from loose and rocky to wet and sloppy. Already a time-tested tread pattern, the increased width provides a larger footprint, which translates to even more of the traction and confidence that has become synonymous with the Vigilante tread pattern.

Mirroring the revised Vigilante and Trail Boss tires launched earlier this year, all levels of the Vigilante 2.8 feature WTB’s TriTec Compound. This new combination of three distinct rubbers provides different levels of traction, support and durability based on their placement within the tread. The base of the tread is supported by the firmest rubber, which also transitions halfway into the height of the knobs. This allows for the use of softer compounds on the surfaces of the knobs, while still providing a supportive base that doesn’t fold under heavy cornering forces. The centerline knobs utilize a medium durometer compound to provide traction without sacrificing rolling efficiency or durability, while the outer knobs feature the softest compound to deliver maximum grip and slow rebound.

The TCS Light version of the Vigilante 2.8 features our new Slash Guard technology, which incorporates a protective nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall to provide extra protection without adding a significant weight penalty. The dual-ply casing of the two TCS Tough versions provide the ultimate level of durability and support. 

WTB suggests mounting the Vigilante 2.8 tire to an i40 rim to provide optimal tire profile and volume, although rims with inner widths between 35mm and 45mm also fall within the recommended range. While the Vigilante 2.8 is currently only available in a 27.5” diameter, WTB is currently working on a 29” version that will be available around February 2019. Depending on the casing and diameter, they are available with MSRPs ranging from $67.95 to $79.95 USD. All levels of the Vigilante 2.8 27.5” tire are now in stock and available at

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Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products.  Renowned for saddles, tires, rims and grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

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