Nehemiah Brown

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Name: Nehemiah Brown

Location:San Francisco CA

Rider Type: Racer

Favorite WTB Product: Nano

About Me: Nehemiah Brown leads a busy life in San Francisco, California, balancing his day job at a Silicon Valley start-up with dawn patrol rides and weekend road trips. He loves all types of riding, as long as it includes a healthy dose of dirt and adventure. At the center of everything Nehemiah does, is his commitment to promoting racial equity. He is constantly working towards achieving more diversity in cycling by advising brands on how to be more inclusive, and how break down barriers by creating experiences so members of underprivileged communities can enjoy cycling. “I’m an activist, and I love riding bikes. Cyclists know the power of working together, and we can all take part in making the sport more accessible and inclusive to all participants.” “I want to achieve more diversity in cycling, and that starts by inviting new people to join the fun.”

Social Media: Instagram

Riding WTB Since 2015!

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