Furstein Antoine "La FuF"

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Name: Furstein Antoine "La FuF"

Location: Chamonix France

Rider Type: Ambassador

Favorite: My Koda Ti Saddle fit perfectly my butt

About Me: After destroying my shins on dirt bike and BMX, I discovered the road bike as a student to avoid paying too much for the Swiss transportation. Now I ride on road, gravel, fixie and MTB. 4 years ago I discovered long distance and this is now my main motivation: Weekend and weeks of Bikepacking with my buddies and 1 or 2 Bikepacking races per year. The most stripped down adventure possible with performance in mind. After 2500 km of gravel on the French Divide last year, this year I hope to finish the Transcontinental Race.

Social Media: Instagram

Riding WTB Since 2020.

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