WTB Convict 2.5 TCS Tubeless mountain tire
WTB Convict 2.5 TCS Tubeless mountain tire


Product Description
Convict epitomizes the toothy tread and robust features of a truly aggressive gravity tire. Making easy work of chundery downhill tracks, the Convict chews through blown-out berms while standing its ground through every rock garden along the way. Meaty center knobs minimize wear whenever you grab a fist full of brake and tall outer knobs provide the steadfast traction you need to decimate corners. Convict was made for bike park laps on repeat.
Usage: Enduro • Gravity • E-Bike
Conditions: Dirt • Loose • Rocky
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Chunky Center Knobs
Massive center knobs provide a fortified centerline that tills through loose, rocky terrain. These big knobs also extend the lifespan of the Convict.
Prominent Outer Knobs
Tall side knobs extend over the edge of the tire to provide additional sidewall protection. Every other outer knobs is notched on the inner edge to counteract cornering forces.
Maximum Braking Traction
Wide, supportive knobs refuse to fold, resulting in better braking traction. Meaty and robust knobs throughout make the Convict an ideal tire for both downhill and e-bike riders.
Tubeless Compatible
TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless system. These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing, which nearly eliminates flats and allows lower tire pressures to improve traction and comfort over a traditional tube-type tire.
Bike park and e-bike approved
Everything about the Convict was designed to take the heat. Big, chunky knobs provide exceptional support to counteract the hefty braking and cornering forces (hopefully in that order) that accompany aggressive bike park riding. Big knobs also improve the durability and lifespan of the tire to provide a season's worth of traction rather than turning into a semislick after one weeked at the bike park. Looking for the perfect rear tire for your mullet e-bike? All the features that benefit aggressive bike park riding also increase performance as an e-bike tire.
TCS Tough Casing
Two full layers of casing span bead-to-bead to ensure every surface of the tire is more resistance to punctures. Using two layers of casing also provides additional sidewall support while cornering and allows riders to experience increased traction by running lower pressures than would be possible with thinner, single-ply casings. TCS Tough tires are the sure bet for aggressive trail, enduro, gravity and e-bike riders who want ultimate peace of mind out on the trail. Some riders may choose to run a TCS Tough tire on the rear while opting for the weight-saving benefits of a single-ply TCS Light tire on the front.
"Wouldn’t think twice"
- Vital MTB
"An excellent choice"
- Enduro MTB
"Sure footed"
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