Retail Team Sponsorship Program

WTB wants to support and grow dealer business while also helping regional mountain bike race teams around the country. WTB is setting out to connect team sponsorship with our dealers to strengthen dealer business and the culture of bike racing. WTB thinks retailers are the critical link to strong bike racing culture.

How it works: 

STEP 1.  Bike shop teams submit a team resume to WTB via email to

STEP 2.  After careful review of the team resume, WTB will contact the bike shop to confirm acceptance into the WTB Team Sponsorship Program.

STEP 3.  Dealers are sent a WTB Team Sponsorship Package which includes:

A) Guidelines for being an ambassador for WTB.
B) Logo requirements for team jersey, and related graphics.
C) Team order form. Designed to enable dealers to earn margin points from the team. WTB sells to the dealer at 20% below wholesale, so the dealer can sell to the team at a suggested +10% above wholesale.
D) Season is defined as: January 1st, 2019 - December 31st, 2019.

WTB responsibilities: 

A.) Post team news and results on the WTB website and social media network.
B) Offer team opportunities to ride and race on new cutting edge products.

Retail team responsibilities: 

A) Represent WTB and the bike shop in a respectful and professional manner.
B) Collect team order and submit to WTB on approved order form.
C) Not abuse the purchase program by reselling WTB products.
D) Race, have fun and get more people riding bikes!
E) Only purchase products for team members.