WTB All Terrain 700 x 37 tire
WTB All Terrain 700 x 37 tire

All Terrain

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The All Terrain is ready for any kind of urban adventure. The tightly spaced centerline tread provides efficiency on pavement and hardpack dirt, while the open outer knobs grab on to gravel and other loose terrain to provide the rider with confidence on urban trails and greenways. Ideal for uses ranging from long-distance touring to light-duty offroad to daily commuting.
Usage: Urban
Conditions: Pavement • Hardpack
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Consistent Center Tread
Tightly spaced centerline tread promotes speed and minimizes rolling resistance.
Knobby Outer Tread
Ample side knobs provide cornering traction to increase confidence on dirt paths.
Comp Casing
Combines the lightweight efficiency of a single-ply casing with the dependability of a wire bead. Wire bead tires are designed to be used with a tube and therefore are not tubeless compatible.
Grippy DNA Compound
The perfect blend of lasting durability and all-weather performance to provide traction whether you're riding through clear skies or torrential downpours.
The ultimate hybrid tire
The All Terrain will get you there, regardless of what you have to overcome to get there. Urban greenways, broken pavement, grassy cut-throughs, and bike lane speedways are all in a day's work for the All Terrain. This is the tire of choice if you're looking for a do-all tire to get you across town without delay.
Available in two diameters
There's a perfect All Terrain tire for you, regardless of whether your bike is 26" or 700c. The 700 version is even available in two widths (32 or 37mm) to fit hybrid and commuter bikes with either narrow or wide tire clearance requirements. Of the 700 diameter versions, the 32mm is for those looking to get there fast, while the 37mm will do so with increased comfort and traction.
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