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The Trace grip has a diameter of 32mm and utilizes big, soft blocks on the top surface of the grip to provide riders with maximum comfort on rough and jarring terrain. Ample space between the trapezoidal blocks provides room to squish and conform to the rider's hand. The Trace’s soft compound rebounds slowly to provide additional damping and increase comfort between the rider and their handlebars. These are ideal for riders who want soft grips that absorb trail chatter and reduce hand numbness.
Conditions: Rough and Rocky
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Soft Anti-Slip Rubber

You know that moment when your hand slips off your grip and you're about to go chest to bars? Well, we thought about that Oh #$&* moment and went with an Anti-Slip rubber to help stop that from happening.* 

*Bike handling skills not included

32mm Diameter

Tall & flexible blocks cover three quarters of the grip’s surface, while underneath, a lightly knurled & waffled section makes up the rest. The space around these cushioned blocks allows them to squash and conform to the contours of your hand, while the rubber’s slow rebound helps absorb trail-chatter.

What trail chatter?

This additional damping up top, combined with the predictable bar feel offered by the knurled surface underneath results in an incredibly capable grip design.

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