TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack
TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack

TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack

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The Tubeless Tire Plug Pack kit contains fifteen 1.5mm tire plugs and four anchors (two small and two large) that are optimized for use with the TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit, but will also work with most multi-tools in a pinch. The small anchor holds up to two plugs and can be pushed into the tire using a 2mm hex. The large anchor holds up to four plugs and is compatible with either a 2mm or 3mm hex.

Usage: Tubeless Tire Plug Kit
Conditions: Mountain, Gravel, Road
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Compact Kit

This was designed to be a refill kit when your TCS Rocket tool runs out of plugs or plugs. But while we were testing it, some folks preferred to just run it without the tool and just their 2mm or 3mm hex on their multi-tool. 

Recyclable Packaging

Our product and marketing team are constantly working towards reducing the amount of packaging our products requiring, while still providing you with the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision. It's no small task, but minimizing the total amount of packaging has become an integral part of product development. 

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