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Many riders push themselves to be better athletes, to climb harder and descend faster. However, there are some riders out there that athletic performance is only the beginning of their journey. These athletes have a purpose beyond their own pedals to push the cycling industry to be a better place for everyone. Meet our riders and ambassadors that are making it a point to drive the cycling industry towards inclusivity.

Welcome to WTB's Ride With Purpose.



Nathaniel Roberts & Kofi Kyei, Founders of Ride for Unity


Where’s your local riding spot?

Nate: Epping Forest (Gravel) & Regent’s Park and Richmond Park (Road)

Kofi: Kent lanes and sometimes the city for commuting or fun!


Day Job?

Nate: I work in the railway engineering sector as a Technical Officer undertaking technical inspections maintaining the track for safe passage of trains.

Kofi: I work for an amazing company called L&G as an Executive Search Partner so I get to hire top performing leaders all day every day which is inspiring and so enjoyable. I'm grateful for their support promoting and raising funds for Ride For Unity!!


Favorite WTB product?

Nate: WTB CZR i23 wheelset, love them, lightweight and fast on the corners.

Kofi: WTB CZRi23. Spin like a dream AND bombproof.


One thing you never leave on a ride without?

Nate: My wahoo element bolt (cycling computer), if it’s not on strava, the ride didn’t happen.  

Kofi: Snacks and hydration! It is not a ride without snacks in my humble opinion.


Favourite biking partner?

Nate: My favorite biking partner is Kofi of course, always a party when he’s around.

Kofi: Obviously Nate. There is never a dull moment and he is an incredibly kind soul. Killer on a bike too! We max out on vibes when we ride.


What's a perfect day of biking look like to you?

Nate: Riding as smooth and as far as I can with good music and vibes!

Kofi: Good food, coffee, cake, scenery, vibes and great people. 


How did you get into biking?

Nate: I got into road cycling from 2016, worked at a bike store for a year, watched a lot of Global Cycling Network YT videos and rode 340 miles to Amsterdam for charity. I have been riding with various cycling clubs where I have gained experience and fitness. I got bored of road cycling and wanted to try something new. I got into Gravel cycling around April 2021 doing some solo off-road adventures, I saw that Ride for Unity done Grinduro Wales in 2021, I contacted Kofi, we done it in 2022 and recently went again this year at Mt. Shasta, California. 

Kofi: I started in 2005 and fell in love. Since then I have done various sportive and multi day events on road and gravel. I love the friendships and health benefits it brings from the body, mind and soul perspectives.


Why do you ride?

Nate: I ride to get to places quickly compared to always relying on public transport. I ride because it gives me peace of mind, I get to meet new people, eat different food, go to different places. I ride to be healthier, to get mentally and physically stronger, to challenge myself. I ride because when I have had a bad day at work, I can ride the long way home and clear my head. Riding takes me places that no other transport can reach. I have learned that its not just reaching the goals that I have set, its also about enjoying the journey and appreciating the people supporting me along the way.

Kofi: To eat what I want, stay healthy and create marvelous memories with marvelous people.


What changes are you advocating in the industry and how?

Nate & Kofi: I'm really keen for greater representation of all sexes, shades, sexual orientations, sizes and of course shades. At Ride For Unity we believe that seeing is believing so we champion our diversity and unity as cyclists. We all love bikes so let's help one another when tough stuff happens.

How can we create a bike industry that is accessible to everyone?

Nate & Kofi: Better engagement with minorities you want to target and then promoting as many ways as possible to get into cycling. 


If you had to pick one thing every rider, and company needs to do today to create a more inclusive industry, what would it be?

Nate & Kofi: Welcome everyone as equals into your businesses, hearts and promotional activities. Not to tick a box but to show you genuinely want to stand tall for all.

How can other people get more involved with shift the industry towards more inclusivity? 

Nate & Kofi: Be active and even that shows we are in it together. Everyone belongs so go get it you won't regret it.


It is 10 years from today…. What is the bike industry like in your eyes?  
It is more powerful than ever. People know it is good and great for us and the planet. It is a space for all.


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