Mystery of the Easy Rider

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You've all seen it. Weir's signature facial hair that runnith beneath his nose, continues on down the cheeks until meeting its final destination somewhere beneath his chin. Is sculpting the perfect "stache" a hobby that Weir picked up in the outback? A bold fashion statement? Or something much more telling? Follow those thoughts into this video:

Mojo Trail Diary, Morocco | Part 1 Ft. Fabien Barel & Mark Weir from Eyesdown Films on Vimeo.

Clearly four ripping mountain bikers with the same stache. Very odd indeed. Further into investigation we discovered this startling piece of research.

The "Easy Rider". Coincidence? I wonder, if a rider sculpts this stache does technical trail come easy? They sure seem to make it look easy in the video. Or, does the "Easy Rider" choose you?

Find out for yourself this weekend and ride with Weir during the Weir, Beer and Gear event. Bringing your mustache in top form wouldn't hurt either.


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