Katie Compton Wins ‘Cross National Champs!

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Compton in Bend, OR for Nats.

Katie Compton has won every American cyclocross race she has entered this year. And her world cup track record is nearly as remarkable. Compton is currently leading the world cup series (she's the first American in history to do so) and she is the heavy favorite to win the prestigious world champion title. It should come as no surprise that Compton easily conquered the U.S. cyclocross national championship this past weekend in Bend, OR, claiming her sixth straight national title. Compton took off from the start of the hour-long race and easily distanced herself from the rest of the field. As expected, the other ninety women were racing for second place. Meredith Miller took the second spot, crossing the line almost a minute after Compton.

In other news, WTB-sponsored junior prodigy Coryn Rivera claimed her 25th national title in Bend. The 17-year-old has been winning on the road, on the track and cyclocross. We can only wonder what the future holds for Rivera.

Kenny Burt1   Kona saddles   Coryn/Nats
WTB's own Kenny Burt (#386) placed 26th in the master's race, Kona's team saddles, Coryn Rivera's victory salute in Bend.

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